All Legends of the Black Sun novels translated into English


Legends of the Black Sun is a series of dark science fiction novels set in a bleak, dystopian future full of dangers, where humanity is constantly struggling to survive. After being a great success on Kindle and Kobo in their original Spanish version, they are now translated into Spanish.
Thousands of years have passed since the last humans passed through a wormhole into the Exodus galaxy, fleeing the genocide wrought by the mind machine, the Axia, in the solar system. Since then, humanity has spread across this new galaxy, creating a patchwork of civilisations, religions, nations and empires in constant struggle for political and economic supremacy, but unaware of the great danger that looms over them all. Now, that the last Kheb, the warriors of the mind who have mastered the use of the ancient Exo relics, alien artefacts from an extraterrestrial civilisation extinct a million years ago. They seem to be the only reliable barrier in the galaxy.
Captain Deckard, along with his android Khotor and in his ancient Legacy starship, will travel to an unknown Exo stellar tomb, finding the most unexpected of treasures, a girl, in whose hands, very soon, will be the fate of the human galaxy.
Legends of the Black Sun, along with the Chronicles of Aqueron saga, and The Purity, make up the dark science fiction multiverse called Continuus Nexus.

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